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Coaching For Change

Coaching with Franck Tellier

"It is astonishing how elements that seem insoluble become soluble when someone listens, how confusions that seem irremediable turn into relatively clear flowing streams when one is heard.  I have deeply appreciated the times that I have experienced this sensitive, empathic, concentrated listening."  _ Carl Rogers

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Kind words from past and current clients

I met with Franck Tellier in regard to coaching sessions about situations going on in my private life.  This was definitely out of my lane.  I was hesitant at the beginning but soon found out Franck was easy to open up to.  As our sessions progressed I became more trusting.  He was patient and listened attentively.  When I rambled on, he easily got me back on track without me realizing it.  He gave me options I could see to workout various issues.  Each session was positive and enlightening for me.  I was challenged no doubt to opening up.  I honestly did not feel I could cross that hurdle but Franck made it comfortable.  I was satisfied with all our sessions and am sure to contact him again when a need arises.  I appreciate his calmness and him not being judgemental.



Franck is a calm, intuitive and insightful coach. He listens deeply and intently while holding up a “mirror” that facilitates understanding, learning and change. I have benefited greatly, both professionally and personally, as a result of the many coaching conversations I have had with Franck. Coaching is a mode of professional development which I consider an important ingredient to my business success.


I have really enjoyed and benefited from being coached by Franck.  During our coaching sessions, he consistently created a safe and judgment-free space that allowed me to talk through my challenges.  From that safe space, I felt comfortable to explore the beliefs I held that were holding me back from living authentically and to generate positive action steps to move forward.  Franck’s strengths as a coach lie in his steadiness, his encouraging nature, and his warm sense of humour. I would highly recommend Franck to anyone wanting to create positive change in their lives.


(Client E, woman)

I was lucky enough to benefit from some coaching with Franck during a difficult and traumatic time in my life.  Franck's gentle and safe compassion and guidance allowed me to challenge engrained and unhelpful thought patterns that had been present for some time and allowed me to do the work to help me through this time.  I am forever grateful for Franck's coaching and recommend him highly.

(Client, woman)

I had several coaching sessions with Franck and always felt more uplifted and pumped after each session. I was able to identify roadblocks, work out ways through them, examine (and be gently challenged) in how I was looking at and approaching challenges, I came up with several of my own strategies and systems which I have since implemented and has resulted in me finally making progress in my business after being stagnant for more than a year. Franck was able to help me get out of my own way. Thank you Franck. 

(Client P, woman)

Like with all of us, i knew that there was something holding me back from taking the next step in my life. Franck's caring, easy going and methodical approach to coaching has really been a game changer for me. He has allowed me to grow and face up to challenges by creating a safe space for me to share my innermost workings,  using his unique conversational style to garner the fresh insight and change I needed. Thank you so much Franck!


(Client R, man)

Empowered Entrepreneurship Through Franck's Guidance

In the whirlwind of entrepreneurship, finding balance seemed like an elusive goal – until I started working with Franck, my men's mental health coach. Franck's expert guidance has been the cornerstone of my newfound equilibrium, enabling me to not only balance my mind but also conquer my weekly goals with newfound clarity.
Juggling the demands of business with the need for self-care often felt like an impossible task. Franck's unique approach honed in on the challenges specific to entrepreneurs, making each session a transformative experience. His personalised strategies helped me untangle the web of stress and pressure, allowing me to navigate my responsibilities with a newfound sense of calm.
Franck's impact extended far beyond managing stress. He armed me with invaluable techniques that seamlessly integrated into my routine, empowering me to maintain focus, determination, and productivity. As a result, I've not only found the balance I craved but also exceeded my weekly goals with a renewed sense of purpose.
Franck's role as a men's mental health coach is nothing short of extraordinary. His expertise has not only sharpened my entrepreneurial journey but also enhanced my overall well-being. For any entrepreneur seeking to conquer the challenges of both business and mental well-being, Franck is the guiding light that brings success and serenity within reach.

(Client A, man)

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