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Reflection is confronting and it is inevitable.  

We've all been there, in a moment when we look down into our soul and ask ourselves

"Where did this come from?"

"How did I end up here?"

"I need to change!"

...and the list goes on.  

You either choose to ignore it or you choose to CHANGE.  


I've had many of these moments in my life.  I relate to the feelings and concerns you are experiencing because I have lived through them myself and I am trained to help guide you to a better place.

Some issues I have lived through; wanting to improve at Judo, changing careers,  speaking softer with my children and spouse,  

staying calm in stressful situations, learning to communicate properly with my spouse in order to save our relationship, starting a new business, dealing with confrontations, learning to handle anxiety, improving my self confidence and self belief, immigrating to another country, becoming a dad, healing from child abuse, breaking an emotionally immature parenting style to become a conscious friend, parent and husband.  


I have my beautiful family and myself to thank for successfully journeying through these moments. Curiosity, pain, discomfort and the hope of a better way led me to seeking out the answers I hold within.  With the help of deep conversations and lots of reading I was able to find some of those answers.  

Sometimes, however, we all need a little extra help.


This is where coaching comes in.  I can attest to the fact that coaching has been instrumental to my life in solving some of my biggest frustrations, creating change and approaching emotional intelligence.  


Hi there, my name is Franck Tellier, I'm a life coach and soon to be Counsellor.  I specialize in helping men perform, change and live a better life, however if you are a woman reading this and you are ready to face your Inner Huddle then let's get to work.  

I come from a culture of men's men.  Where a man must be "strong" at all times and in all situations.  Where change is perceived as failure and quitting.  Where failure is harshly criticized.  Where growth, vulnerability and asking for help are usually seen as weak because "you should not be questioning yourself".  In this culture, which is very common amongst us, many men are lonely, suffer in silence, feel powerless and option-less.


My belief is this:

Through client centered coaching, I will encourage you and be your guide so you can begin to gain perspective on and insight into yourself.  Slowly you can start to perform better, facilitate small changes that turn into big ones and take action to create the powerful and connected life you are seeking with your peers and loved ones.

Wake up what has gone dormant inside, feel safe, capable and alive again so you can face the challenges life has in store for you.

I want to be the companion that provides the safe space you to express yourself, find your power, dive deep into your soul and create CHANGE in your life.

Allow me to listen to your story.

Allow me to connect with your emotions.

I've been there, I know it's not easy.

Let's start a journey, get to work and take back your Inner Huddle TOGETHER


If you're ready to go, click the "Let's Get To Work" tab.

See you soon,


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