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The Inner Huddle Men's Huddle

If you're a Perth guy and need some extra support or want to give support to other men, come check out the monthly Men's Huddle.  

This is a men's talk group that I facilitate in the South Perth/Como/Manning area.  We cap the number at 12 men so we can keep it intimate and meaningful, so get onto it if you want a spot.

It's a great way to connect, be vulnerable and share in a safe, non-judgmental way.  

During these circles, there is no coaching or advice giving.  It's an open forum for a group of dudes to come together, learn to lead in their community and express their Inner Huddle.

How the Huddle Works:

  1. We start with a hand shake and a hug to "break the ice" and let the "shields" down.  It's ok if you're not into hugging, you do you and the huddle will welcome you in any case.

  2. We go through a bit of house keeping.  There we describe the rules of the Huddle (ie: no advice giving, the man with the ball has the floor, anything shared within the Huddle is confidential, be respectful of other's stories).

  3. We address our gratitude 

  4. We go through a breath work relaxation technique to get centered and calm.

  5. We start with a round of brief check-ins, detailing what is currently going on for the men of the circle.  If you're not comfortable sharing, it's okay.  You can also just be present and listen.

  6. We are then led through a reflective prompt and discuss our thoughts on this.

  7. We then go through a period of group coaching, led by Franck (Certified Coach Professional) for those that want to participate and this starts a group conversation facilitated by Franck.

  8. We close off the Huddle with another round of breath work if time allows. 



All Ticket proceeds go to paying for the facility, advertising, social outings and group merchandise.  We reinvest every dollar into the Men's Huddle.

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See you soon,


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